Saturday, September 27, 2008

The OC

How many of you are still mad the OC got cancelled? I know I am! I just love this show and am still upset it is over! And since Judge and I love the OC and both share the same feelings about it and wish it was still on I just had to have a picture in honor of them on our blog!

What a hottie!

So I know this was a year ago but it was an awesome! I mean who wouldn't love taking pictures with hot basketball players? Well I just thought I would share one of my favorite photos and experiences I had meeting big Al Horford!

It all started while he was warming up for his game. I was so excited when I saw him Judge dared me to do the gator chomp to him! I was so nervous but I did it anyway and he gave me a HEAD NOD!!! I was way excited! so i went to the back of the arena and waited for him to come out where tay and i asked to get a picture with him! he was way tall and cool so I asked him to do the gator chomp with us in our photo and it was awesome!!!

The day kept getting better and better! I got pictures with Dee Brown, the most awesome guy ever, Ronnie Brewer, a hottie with a body, Paul Millsap, not the nicest guy but still cool, and Fez, who is like super super tall!!!

It was way awesome to get to meet these guys I LOVE THE JAZZ and AL HORFORD!!!

How I Imagine Judge in 50 years!

Today while coming home from a wonderful Winger's dinner we encountered something that will always be remembered. As we turned the corner by Orem Elementary there he was, sitting on his bike. Now try to imagine this if you can! An old man with tight church pants, no shirt, hairy pits, and a bright orange helmet. But wait....we cant forget the bright orange gardening gloves!!! the perfect accessory for any type of biking gear or any topless outfit!
So someday we can only hope that Judge can live up to this wonderful mans example.