Saturday, September 27, 2008

How I Imagine Judge in 50 years!

Today while coming home from a wonderful Winger's dinner we encountered something that will always be remembered. As we turned the corner by Orem Elementary there he was, sitting on his bike. Now try to imagine this if you can! An old man with tight church pants, no shirt, hairy pits, and a bright orange helmet. But wait....we cant forget the bright orange gardening gloves!!! the perfect accessory for any type of biking gear or any topless outfit!
So someday we can only hope that Judge can live up to this wonderful mans example.


The Chris Tippets Family said...

I was there and I saw it. I wish we could get the pic off your phone.

Jenkins said...

I wish that I had been their with my camera! We could have put in Judge's face to better know the exact look you will be kissing in 49 1/2 years.