Saturday, September 27, 2008

What a hottie!

So I know this was a year ago but it was an awesome! I mean who wouldn't love taking pictures with hot basketball players? Well I just thought I would share one of my favorite photos and experiences I had meeting big Al Horford!

It all started while he was warming up for his game. I was so excited when I saw him Judge dared me to do the gator chomp to him! I was so nervous but I did it anyway and he gave me a HEAD NOD!!! I was way excited! so i went to the back of the arena and waited for him to come out where tay and i asked to get a picture with him! he was way tall and cool so I asked him to do the gator chomp with us in our photo and it was awesome!!!

The day kept getting better and better! I got pictures with Dee Brown, the most awesome guy ever, Ronnie Brewer, a hottie with a body, Paul Millsap, not the nicest guy but still cool, and Fez, who is like super super tall!!!

It was way awesome to get to meet these guys I LOVE THE JAZZ and AL HORFORD!!!

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